Program Manager’s Moment May/June 2021

It has been a very busy early spring here for Montgomery County CERT. We have partnered with MobileMed (a non-profit clinic providing heath care to underserved populations in Montgomery County) to assist at their vaccination clinics. They have provided vaccines for our volunteers in exchange for our help. We are also providing daily mobility assistance at the Germantown mass vaccination site, helping people move from parking lots to the facility and back. Our Go Team has stepped up in a big way on both of these missions, and we are lucky to have such dedicated volunteers like Rachel, Tom, Severin, Gerry and Bob who have been there almost every day. A tip of the helmet to Dave Mroz and Gerry Adcock for their leadership. More help is always welcome. To volunteer at both the MobileMed and the Germantown mass vaccination site, Check CERVIS for more details.

Our CERT Training team has successfully debuted practical webinars “Scene Safety and The Killers” (a great band name also!) Those events were well attended by our members. We have a fantastic group of folks leading the training team with Brett, David, Kathee, Kay, Joan, Nancy, as well as all our instructors who are responsible for leading the CERT Basic 21-01 class that is now underway. The training team will also present the scene safety webinar at CERTCON 2021 (May 18-23). If you haven’t registered for CERTCON yet, follow the links on the website and do it today!

We continue to be optimistic that we can resume in-person training and meetings beginning as early as July. Watch this space for updates.

Have a safe summer, follow the Covid -19 guidelines, and I look for ward to seeing each of you soon.

Greg St. James