Program Manager’s Moment- May 2018

Fellow CERTS:

May finds us as busy as ever, wrapping up CERT Basic 18-03, and in full swing for planning for CERTCON 2018. CERTCON began here in Montgomery County in 2011 when we decided it would be good to find a way to meet and train with other CERTS in the National Capital Region. Each year since then one of the NCR jurisdictions has played host. This June will mark our third time with the honors. CERTCON requires many many hours of planning and preparing, so here is a shout out to our great Montgomery CERT volunteers and our wonderful NCR partners who make it all possible. Our theme this year is Learning For Life, and CERTCON 2018 takes place June 23 at Montgomery College in Germantown, MD and June 24 at our public safety training academy in Montgomery Village, MD. Follow the link for more info and for free registration.