2020 Wrap-Up

So here we areā€¦ approaching the end of 2020. I am sure this year will be remembered by all of us for its challenges and threats. We have all been touched by COVID-19 and the changes to our lives that followed. I am grateful that our members and our program have supported each other rand continued our mission throughout this year. CERTs know how to improvise, adapt, and overcome, and our Montgomery County people have proven that in many ways during 2020.

On behalf of Division Chief Kelley and myself, we offer a special tip of the helmet to our MC CERT training committee and instructors. This year they revised the entire CERT Basic curriculum for the new FEMA guidelines, and then figured out how to successfully deliver the class online. Well done! Our COVID-19 Task Force and Go Team worked seamlessly with the county agencies to deliver food and supplies to hundreds of residents. And most important, our rank and file CERT members practiced safe COVID-19 protocols in their home and work lives.

It is my heartfelt wish the 2021 brings us all happier times, and we can once again gather together as team members and friends. Until then please stay safe, stay in touch, take advantage of our online training and meetings, and enjoy a safe and happy holiday season and new year.