Program Manager’s Moment- March/April 2021

A Spring 2021 Update:

This month marks the official one year anniversary of our Montgomery County CERT COVID-19 Task Force. You may have noticed we have been quiet lately, but that is about to change. Our Go Team is currently on stand by to assist the county at Points of Distribution for COVID-19 vaccinations as that initiative ramps up, and we have entered a partnership with the non-profit MobileMed to assist at their vaccine distribution clinics in the county beginning later this month.  Watch your email for CERVIS messages.

Our VERT team has kicked off out 2021 VERT NSF initiative working with four universities on leveraging technology wit trained (CERT) observers in emergencies.

VERT’s Civic Innovation Challenge Partnerships

Our MC CERT training committee has been working very hard to develop and debut our first ever online practical webinar. Details under training for the March 20 webinar. We also plan another CERT Basic class later this spring.

Our participation in the National Capitol Region CERT Consortium continues, the NCR Group consists of CERT Teams from MC, DC, AA, PG, Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria.  We have created a 501C3 to help our combined efforts. Currently we are finishing details on a shared NCR wide CERT training calendar and website.

The MC CERT annual election take place in April. A message will be sent out through CERVIS soon. Please check your email.

A big thank you is in order to Mike McAdams for an excellent February general meeting presentation on the latest advances in high-tech Paramedicine in our county.

The CERT 700 (refurbed Ambo) is almost ready. We are working with the PSTA to develop a driver’s training program scheduled to roll out this summer.

The Community Services Building  (old station 25) in Aspen Hill continues to be rehabbed. CERT will be making in our new HQ in late summer we anticipate. More details to follow.

We remind all our members and friends to continue to practice social distance, wear a mask as needed, and stay safe. We all look for brighter days soon.