Our Leadership

Montgomery County CERT is a volunteer organization and is part of and operates under the guidance of the Montgomery County’s Fire Rescue Service.

Executive Committee

Greg St. James, Program Manager, MCFRS


Carl Brill, President
Gerry Adcock, Vice President
Lesley Melamed, Treasurer
David Schwartzman, Secretary

Steering Committee


David Steele, Training Coordinator
Kristen Wear, Deputy Training Coordinator, HSI Training Coordinator, Moulage Coordinator
Kathleen Henning, Teen CERT
Instructors (See MC CERT Training Team)

Records and Registration

Jennifer St. James, Registrar/Human Resources Coordinator

Logistics and Operations

Tom Ciuba, Logistics Coordinator
David Schwartzman, Logistics Deputy
Gerry Adcock, Tactical Communications Coordinator
Maeir Burstyn, Deputy Tactical Communications Coordinator
Tom Smith, Operations Coordinator
Steve Peterson, VERT
Dave Mroz, Operations Coordinator, GoTeam
Nancy Nadon, Dispatch Coordinator, GoTeam
David Schwartzman, Deputy Dispatch Coordinator, GoTeam

Outreach, Storm Camp and Special Projects

Molly Christian, Outreach Coordinator
Kevin Barth, Deputy Outreach Coordinator

Information Technology (IT)

Jay KapLon, IT Manager
Jennifer St. James, Deputy IT Coordinator, Digital Team Coordinator
Rochelle Weisberger, Deputy Digital Coordinator
Tom Ciuba, CERVIS Coordinator