Program Manager’s Moment- May/June 2022

As you can see the Montgomery County CERT website has a new look. What seems to have happened overnight is actually the result of many months of work by our wonderful IT team of Jay Kaplon and Jennifer St. James, with help from many of our CERT members. A special thanks to Brandon and TekWave, as well as the great folks at OEMHS for support funding this initiative. 

Training is back and rocking in 2022: We have new CPR classes, a CERT Basic class, and more coming soon. Thanks to the training team and our wonderful group of dedicated instructors.

Lee Silverman and Jeremy Gruber have been doing an outstanding job leading our CERT members through the Emergency First Responder course, which wrapped up in May. Our members have learned a lot, and will be much more capable in serving  the community and integrating with EMS providers. 

The MC CERT Go Team is in action (as usual) and recently brought CERT 700 to the Olney Days event in May.

Check CERVIS for opportunities to help Go Team events this summer.

CERT CON 2022 is scheduled for September 17-18 this year. Watch the website in for details and registration. This year the National Capitol Region CERT Consortium will be the sponsor.

Greg St. James