Go-Team Uniform

The appearance of volunteers reflects upon the organization they represent. The wearing of appropriate uniforms enhances the appearance of volunteers and promotes a positive, professional perception of the organization and its personnel. Montgomery County CERT volunteers are encouraged to wear uniforms at all public events involving CERT, particularly deployments, events, and other CERT-sponsored events and activities. This policy promulgates expectations and standards concerning uniforms and appearance. CERT personnel are expected to present a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance while conducting operations or while wearing CERT uniform or branded gear in any public setting. Montgomery County CERT volunteers shall observe community standards of decorum appropriate to a public service agency at all times. While volunteers may exercise wide latitude concerning clothing and appearance options, there remains a need for guidelines to maintain a reasonable level of uniformity and conformity to standards of appearance. When deployed, uniformity of appearance helps identify CERT volunteers from other agency volunteers, spontaneous volunteers and onlookers, aiding responding agencies and the general public in determining the status of CERT responders. Appropriate uniforms reinforce the appearance of professionalism, dedication and competence associated with Montgomery County CERT.

Uniform Parts

Pants & Shorts

Pants and shorts must be tactical-style (e.g., BDUs, TDUs, etc.).  Must be black, navy blue, or khaki in color. The decision to wear pants vs. shorts is left to the Go-Team member and the context and situation of the operation however most operational settings will require long trousers.


Must be tactical-style.  Must be black, navy blue, or khaki in color.


Preferably black, especially if visible when wearing shorts.


Must be issued by MCCERT.  Preferred shirt for deployments is the blue Go-Team t-shirt (with or without the Go-Team insignia on the sleeve).  Secondary options include the maroon polo (long or short sleeve) or tan CERT T-Shirt.  Event shirts from CERTCON, Storm Camp, etc. are not allowed.


Boots are required for all deployment settings.  Must be brown or black in color.


MCCERT-issued yellow high-visibility vest. Should always be worn as the most exterior garment on a deployment unless wearing the high-vis winter coat.  Green vests are not approved for deployments or events.


MCCERT-issued cap may be worn. Options are blue and green hats.

Knit Hat

MCCERT-issued knit hat may be worn on cold deployments.

Winter Coat

The yellow MCCERT-issued high-visibility winter coat is approved for all deployments and events.


MCCCERT-issued windbreaker is approved for all deployments.  (Pro tip: this windbreaker is not waterproof!)

Montgomery County Identification

Your county ID must be visible on your upper body at all times. If you are on the Go-Team but your ID has not yet been issued by the county you may still attend a deployment or event, but be proactive in telling the Staging Manager and/or on-duty CDO that your ID issuance is pending.


All shirts, jackets, caps, hats, and vests worn must be issued by MCCERT.

Homemade or customized apparel is not allowed nor is apparel that uses variations on the CERT logo in non-approved colors.

General Notes

  • A specific Uniform of the Day (UOD) may override the above. Should a UOD be required the specifics will be communicated by CERT Leadership prior to the event.  If a UOD is not specified then the uniform options detailed above are acceptable.
  • It is expected that MCCERT members will be in uniform at any time that they are representing MCCERT in any official capacity including deployments, trainings, and meetings.  This is especially critical for events at PSTA where interface with MCFRS and MCPD is highly likely.
  • Instructors should only wear “instructor” tabs while instructing.
  • It is acceptable to personalize your apparel to include your name if presented in a professional manner.
  • The yellow high-vis vest is the ultimate outerwear garment and should always be worn on a deployment over whatever other weather-appropriate apparel you may opt to wear.

 Violations of the Uniform Policy

Violations of the uniform policy shall be evaluated by CERT leadership and penalties shall be imposed as appropriate. Penalties include sanctions ranging from being asked to depart from a deployment or event, suspended from the CERT Go-Team, or being removed from the CERT organization. The senior on-site CERT official is authorized to impose immediate penalties, up to and including removing a CERT volunteer from the deployment or event. The CERT Program Director shall review all penalties imposed and render an appropriate judgment with respect to additional or ongoing sanctions. The appeals process through the Montgomery County CERT Board of Directors remains in effect for volunteers seeking a review of penalties rendered under this policy.