CERT Program Manager’s Moment- December, 2017


Once again the year end is upon us. This past month I have been thinking a great deal about how precious and fleeting life can be. Last week I stood at attention and watched my friend and fellow member of the RVFD be carried to his final rest. All because of the danger of operating on a highway. Captain Sander Cohen was only 33 years old, and is now gone. We should all be thankful for his sacrifice, and we MUST remember our safety as responders is paramount.  This past year also saw the passing of family members, and the remarkable survival of my 24 year old nephew who suffered a cardiac arrest at home and was saved by the quick thinking and CPR skills of his girlfriend. CPR truly does save lives! The take away here is that we need to be careful out there, be ready to help at home or away, and hold our loved ones close.

I wish you each and all a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2018!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..

Greg St. James
CERT Program Manager
Montgomery County Fire and Rescue
PSHQ 2nd Floor
100 Edison Park Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878