CERT Fact Sheet From FEMA

There are 25 million people in America who have limited English proficiency and need critical preparedness resources in a language they understand. This same group of people may want an opportunity to volunteer with groups to help build their personal resilience and support their community.

One way to attract volunteers representing the local community’s diversity is by offering your resources in multiple languages.

You can start informing more community members about the benefit of CERT using the CERT fact sheet, now available in six languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. The multi-language fact sheet can help you reach more community segments and reduce barriers for ethnic and non-English speaking groups, who may not have known about CERT. You can use this fact sheet as a marketing tool and gain their interest in CERT.

Your CERT resources and volunteer opportunities must be accessible to all community members. When you attract a diverse set of CERT volunteers, you can strengthen your CERT, and most of all, impact your community. Order the CERT fact sheet today.