Storm Camp

Are you ready?

Picture1There are many natural or man-made potential threats and hazards to Montgomery County including the usual severe storms, floods or extreme heat and the unusual earthquake or chemical spill.

Storm Camp is a free half-day interactive educational event for adults and children designed to help you answer the question above with a resounding yes, no matter the threat. Storm Camp will show you how to:

  • build a Home Disaster Kit
  • safely operate a fire extinguisher
  • respond to common life-threatening medical emergencies
  • organize your neighborhood and workplace to be ready
  • prepare your home and loved ones for emergencies large and small

Kids 4-10 will enjoy a special program of fun and learning that will turn ordinary youngsters into “Ready Pirates” equipped with age-appropriate emergency skills.

About Storm Camp

Storm Camp was developed by the Montgomery County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is part of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services’ Division of Volunteer Services, and is taught by FEMA certified instructors that include active and retired EMT’s and Firefighters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Storm Camp

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