New Team Members and Recent Graduates

Congratulations on completing CERT Basic!

We enjoyed having you in class with us and hope you want to join us and continue learning and serving your community with Montgomery CERT.

How do I join the Montgomery CERT Team?

Whether you want to keep updated on training opportunities, be an occasional volunteer, or be actively involved in responding to emergency situations, joining the team is as easy as completing CERT Basic.

All you must do is log into the CERVIS, our volunteer management system, and verify your information.

That’s it.

Unless you specifically ask not to be on the team, your membership status will be automatically updated to a General Member.

As a member, you will have access to most of the training opportunities.

General Members are not deployable and cannot take part in responses or volunteer to represent Montgomery CERT at events.

What is CERVIS? How do I log in?

CERVIS is our volunteer management system. It’s where we keep team records and where team members can register to take part in events and training classes.

Every team member has an account that is set up for you during CERT Basic. If you have never logged in before, you will need to set up a password. Follow these instructions for accessing your CERVIS account.

How do I become a Deployable Member of Montgomery CERT?

Becoming a Deployable Member of the team takes a bit more effort. The county requires certain information from you, including a background check before you are eligible to volunteer with the team; even for basic community service opportunities.

To start the process, please fill out the Membership Request form.  It’s a short form that notifies the team members responsible for shepherding members the process.

The process includes the following:

  1. Get entered in the County’s Personal Information Management System (PIMS). You will need to attend a General Monthly meeting and stay for a short time afterward to complete this step.
  2. Get fingerprinted and have a background check conducted by Montgomery County. The Montgomery CERT Human Resources/Admin team will coordinate an appointment for you with the county to complete the process.

Once the county clears you, you will be notified and your membership status level will be updated to “Deployable.”

How do I join the Go Team?

Any deployable member can ask to join the Go Team.

To start this process, just fill out the Membership Request form.  You will be contacted you about next steps.