March 2014 Storm Camp

Montgomery County CERT Leadership spoke at the Montgomery County Council Public Safety Committee meeting on March 13th. MCFRS Volunteer Services Division Chief Alan Hinde, MCCERT Program Manager Greg St. James, MCCERT President Steve Peterson, MCOEMHS Director Chris Voss, and MCOEMHS Planning Chief Michael Goldfarb represented the organization. Topics of discussion included the history of CERT, its successes and plans for its future.

MCCERT on County Cable Montgomery’s Bottom Line #31 – Feb 27th, 2014

MCCERT Feb-2014 Practical Exercise

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20140215 08 58 49 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP552520140215 10 38 47 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP5534
20140215 08 59 16 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP552720140215 10 39 41 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP5535
20140215 10 17 02 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP553020140215 10 42 01 MoCo CERT Practical  IMGP5537
MCCERT 10 Year Anniversary
Greg and Davidclose up
Ken and Ken on BrochureCyd and
Anne Vicky CarolDecorations cane and ornament
Capshield – 2013
CapShield 100113 - v2CapShield 100113 - v6
CapShield 100113 - v3CapShield 100113 - v7
CapShield 100113 - v4CapShield 100113 - v8
CapShield 100113 - v5CapShield 100113 - v9
County Fair – 2013
The following pictures are a compilation of many activities the MCCERT have been involved in over the course of the 10 years.
2016-01 Active Shooter2010-02 Get Ready videoCapshield - 2013CE Leggett & Chief Alan Hinde 0609 (1)CERT Class Feb 2008CERT Fire Extinguishers 2009CERT Rules of Elvis Triage TrainingCERT Map & Compass Trn 0707Damage Assessment_Snowstorm 0301 09Individ Preparedness Refresher Trn 06 2008Oklahoma City Bomb ReviewMoulage and CERT Training exercisesHeck DayCERT Snow Event Support
2016-02-01 Regal exerciseMCCERT 10 Year Anniversary ReceptionCERT Basic Training Apr-May 2013CE Leggett & Chief Alan Hinde 0609 (2)CERT Fair 0814 2010CERT Jan 2008CERT SAR & Clue Awareness Mont College 2007CERT PSTA Cribbing 2007Cribbing SAR Clue Aware Mont CollegeBoy Scouts Certificate Ceremony June 2008Strategic Planning 1101 2008Gaithersburg Labor Day ParadeClass on 4-18-2010CERT Team Building 2008
2014-03-29 Storm CampCounty Fair - 2013CERT Feb 28 2011CERT Chief Bowers Apr 2009CERT Bethesda St 6 09 2008CERT Leisure World 2006CERT Team Building ExerciseCPR 0213 2008Damascus Fair 0610 2008Litter Training 2009Taste of Wheaton_Go BagsCounty Fair2010-04 CERT Training Class
2014-02-15 MC CERT PracticalProfile PhotosBystander Training 02 09CERT Christmas 2008CERT Feb 2011CERT PSTA April 2006CERT Visit Temporary Morgue DMORT III 2007Disaster Kits and Radios Mont College 2007Do You Know These Happy Faces_0119 2009Neighborhood Ready Trn 01 2006CERT Lindsey Henning 2005 classHaitiMCFRS Fire & Rescue Training Academy